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1. History of establishment & development:

Quadrille & Vera International Limited (Q&V) was established on April 1st, 2001, by Quadrille Nishida Co., Ltd and a Vietnamese partner which was Son Kim Investment and Development Corporation. These organizations are quite experienced in the field of manufacturing and trading high-grade fashion lingerie and home-wear.

Along with the mission of honoring beauty and caring for women’s health, Q&V invested heavily in Research and Development of modern technology, skillful technical workers, efficient Marketing activities as well as professional sales girls. Vera has rapidly asserted its brand name in the market through a range of time:

1997: Marked the birth of a high-end fashion lingerie brand – Vera. With its modern and stylish designs, sophisticated in selecting materials, colors and textures, Q&V’s pioneering designs have satisfied the needs and demands of toughest customers.

2001: Established Joint Venture with Quadrille Nishida Co., Ltd (Japan) and gave birth to Quadrille & Vera. Q&V developed its distribution networks across the nation, increased brand awareness – high-end lingerie, home-wear & sleep-wear brand which has been following Japanese technologies and standards.

2002: Commenced Loyalty Card Program – Vera Card by impressive Marketing activities and draw a huge attention from customers.

2004: Introduced new store concept with new branding identity system in Vietnam market, and was voted by Marketing Magazine to Top 03 of Marketing Events in Vietnam.

2006: Sponsored for designer Vo Viet Chung’s Fashion Show “Dreaming about Asia”, and established fund raising for Vietnamese young talent designers.

2005 – 2008: Placed in the Top 05 of The Most Successful Apparel Enterprises in Vietnam.

2007: Celebrated 5-years anniversary of Loyalty Card Program by a fashion & music show “Forever Love”.

2008: Sponsored for Miss Universe which was taken place in Vietnam. Welcomed over 30 Misses from many countries around the World to visit Q&V’s office. Ms. Mexico, who was the 1st runner up of Miss Universe, was invited to be Vera’s model in 2009.

2009: VERA was voted 1 of 10  most impressive brand marketers by Marketing Magazines

2005-2010: Vera  was awarded as the brand contributed to the advance and development of women by Vietnam Women’s Union

2005 – 2011: Coordinated with Sport Center & Union in District 01, HCMC and Vietnam Women’s Union of HCMC in holding an annual community activity “Women’s Health and Beauty Day”, attracting nearly 30,000 women who participated in gymnastics on March 08th in 30/04 Park.

2001 – present: Vera was voted to the Top of Vietnam High Quality Product, and in Top 100 Strongest Brands in Vietnam. It had a wide distribution system over the country, including retail stores, department stores, supermarkets, etc.

2007 - present: Funding for Women’s Magazine of   HCMC in order to support poor women to overcome difficulties.                                                                                                                                                                                      

2008 – present: Participating in and organizing many humanity and social campaigns for the community, give a hand to support and help to improve women’s living condition in Vietnam such as: The fund for poor women, especially school girls whose have poor condition but willing to overcome their difficulties; young and potential future leaders; future generations of Vietnam, organized respectively by HCMC Women Union, HCMC Women Magazine and PCDN Newspaper.

2013: Sponsored for Hung Vuong Hospital to hold the workshop “The Golden Rules to Prevent Breast Cancer”.

2014: Launching campaign “Wear it right”. Vera committed to conduct meaningful activities in terms of long-term association with society and community; contributed towards the goal of caring for women’s health; made effort to create customers’ trust from our quality products. Additionally, with the purpose of honoring beauty and caring for women’s health, Q&V developed many community programs to raise awareness of customers in choosing and wearing the Bra right.

2015: Join the Beauty Day organized by Women Health Magazine, with our specialists who give advices on how to protect women’s breasts.

2016: VERA welcome top 50 international women leaders to visit office. This is one of the main events of “International Women Leaders” Forum, 2016. Through this event, VERA calls for women’s willing to learn about health protection knowledge, sharing those to the community, and joining all of VERA’s campaignes which aim at protecting women’s health and honoring women’s beauty.

2016: Corporate with specialists in inspecting breast cancer and consulting on how to protect women’s health in general and especially to prevent breast cancer.

2. Vision, Mission and Core Value:

a. Vision:

  • Become the leading fashion lingerie brand in Vietnam and Asian market
  • Product quality is always a priority. Besides, designs and materials are environmental friendly and ensure the health of users.

b. Mission:

  • Honoring women’s charm
  • Provide quality products which contributes to women’s health protection
  • Creative, stand out for a high-end and distinct fashion brand
  • Professional and friendly working environment
  • Constantly improve the quality of employees’ life in order to build a prosperous society

c. Core values:

  • Navigate to the synchronous development between company, people and society
  • Believe that the strength of human resource is always going abreast with the company’s sustainable growth
  • Place the feature of honoring women’s beauty and health care at the top priority

3. Meaning of Brand name and Logo:

a. Meaning of Brand name:

VERA: stands for Vietnam Era. Additionally, Vera is also an abbreviation of Veracious which meant truthful and Spring (in Latin language). All meanings seem to demonstrate a flawless beauty of women’s body and soul.

Slogan “A sense of style”:

Sense, not only is the sense of consciousness, but also the sense of emotion. Hidden inside is the intelligence, elegance, mixed with a little instinct, intuition and sensibility of modern women. Miss Vera shows her charm and sophisticated styles in an oriental feminine soul.

b. Meaning of Logo:

Besides the brand name there are three heart-shaped petals, which create a symbol of elegance and modernity:

  • The heart symbolizes the uplifted feelings, love and internal longevity.
  • Three petals create a beautiful flower, symbolizes the feminine, delicate, fresh and modern look.
  • The open petal creates an image looks like the “V” character in Vera. The rotation of petals creates a symbol which is friendly to nature, always moving for a continuous development.

4. Brand positioning:

Founded in 1997, Vera was a high-end lingerie brand following advanced technologies in Japan, approaching women with stylish and elegant European style. Vera understands what women need and create products which make every woman feel more beautiful and special in front of others.

Vera stands out from other brands by its mission in taking care of women’s health and body, as well as giving the comfort for users. By the products with seductive curves and its functions to protect health, Vera honors the women who are sexy and healthy from the inside.

With all the knowledge and effort, Vera’s commitment is to give customers a sense of a premium lingerie brand “SOPHISTICATED – SEXY – HEALTHY”:

a. Sophisticated:

Designs are with both elegant and luxurious style.

Colors, textures and lace are not only trendy, but also compatible with seasons’ trend.

Vera’s products are made from high-quality materials which imported from countries with advanced fashion technologies.

b. Sexy:

The shaped-curves exquisitely combine with lace, chiffon, silk,… assists in body fitting and sexy look.

c. Healthy:

With more than 35 production processes of cutting and sewing, Vera Bras do not cause any imprints or restrictive feeling for the users’ body.

We use materials which are friendly and safe for the health such as: cotton absorbed sweat, lycra, spandex which is elastic, antibacterial, and memory mouse… All meets the quality standards of Japan.

5. Target customers:

  • Women from 22-45, focuses on the cities and urban centers, belongs to class A, B, C+.
  • Multi-occupation, mainly office staffs and business classes
  • Love fashion, update new trends, prefer new things but still familiar with Asian culture
  • Love travelling, shopping, photography, coffees and movies, etc.

6. Products categories:

Miss Vera understands herself, loves her body and enjoys all the best around her. She is confident despite any difficulty in life because she knows how to handle it herself. Fashion and style are constantly changing, so she is also changing to become more sophisticated, sexy and happier.

Knowing this movement, Vera creates five (05) product categories representing Miss Vera’s style from time to time:

Luxury: Miss Vera is very noble, shrewd and successful in life. Designs for Luxury style are sophisticated in details, with luxurious textiles and high-quality silk material.

Sexy: This style is suitable for sexy women, who are very proud of her perfect body-curves. These products have novel designs on the soft and enchanting materials like chiffon, silk, mesh, voile, etc. All these features make a woman more fascinated by her own “melting” beauty, sexy but no less luxurious.

Feminine: Gently feminine is one character of Miss Vera, and she is also fascinated by her sexy sweet. Most feminine designs are made from the combination of satin and floral print lace, which shows the special charm of the women.

Just relax: It is an indispensable style in any wardrobe of modern women. Youthful designs on materials like cotton, kate and viscose make this style very handy and comfortable for any dynamic activities of women.

Basic: Simple is always considered as typically beautiful. Basic style focuses on the product’s functions which are friendly and comfortable for women’s daily activities, as well as flattering her body and caring for her health. Vera Basic brings you an elegant and plain look, but at the same time you are still confident in your own style.